Eva M. Carlsbad, CA  

Lara Zawacki offers a realistic approach to supporting kids with social stressors and academic demands.  Our family dealt with school avoidance issues until Dr. Zawacki stepped in and offered support both in and out of the classroom.  Her holistic approach to achievable goal setting provided the right support our daughter needed to get back into school.  Once Dr. Zawacki became involved in the IEP meetings, we functioned as a team.  The "fists up" attitude dissolved because of her insight, established rapport with all parties, and the ability to present what was in our child's best interest, knowing the accommodations the school system can provide. We are so grateful for all the support of Dr. Zawacki and highly recommend her. 


      Gabrielle H.  San Jose, CA


Lara Zawacki is the best.  Over the past 8 years, she has conducted psycho-educational evaluations for three of my children.  They have all been exceptionally insightful and informative. 

Her experience as a school psychologist gives her added perspective on the school environment and options to help children be successful learners. For areas where there are weaknesses, she always identifies a range of practical interventions to help address those areas.  

As a parent watching my smart kids struggle, I tremendously appreciated the compassion and respect she showed each of my children. I have referred other parents to her and they unanimously agree that she does an outstanding job. A highly-esteemed Bay Area psychiatrist, who is not affiliated with the Center for Developing Minds, reviewed the reports for my children and told me they were the best she had ever seen.

I recommend her without hesitation.