Lara Zawacki, MA, CAGS

Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP # 2831)

Credentialed School Psychologist 

Hello!  I am a Licensed Educational Psychologist available for consultation, counseling, and assessment.   My personal  style stems from both a private medical setting perspective as well as from a school system perspective.  I am a parent (and stepparent) and would love to work with you and your child as we navigate the complex world of development, learning, attention, and mental health.  

 I have been working as a Credentialed School Psychologist in the public school system for 2 decades, running IEP meetings, conducting and coordinating psychoeducational testing, counseling, and consulting with general education teachers, administrators, specialists, special education teachers, and parents.  Originally from Maine, I obtained my Master’s and Specialist (CAGS) degrees in School Psychology from Tufts University.   

I provide developmental, neuropsychological, cognitive, achievement, and social-emotional testing.   Assessment results are detailed in a comprehensive and efficient psychoeducational report that is written with understandable language and includes practical recommendations for both school and home interventions.   Testing is always individualized to address the specific referral question; therefore, all testing is done on an hourly basis.  Assessment results can be used to identify a special education category of eligibility and/or medical/DSMV diagnoses such as autism, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, mood disorders, and ADHD.  I am experienced in legal testimony  and am qualified to perform Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs).   I can also provide direct child/adolescent therapy within a flexible CBT model.

Although I do not directly bill medical insurance, I can provide you with a billing sheet and diagnostic codes, which you can submit directly to your insurance to determine eligibility for reimbursement.  I hope to work with your child (and you!) in order to support healthy learning and emotional development.