Psycho-Educational Testing

As parents, it is important to have a clear understanding of the specific issue(s) impacting our children before spending precious time and money on different interventions!

Comprehensive psycho-educational testing examines all areas of concern and can include: academics, cognition, processing, social-emotional functioning, attention and executive functioning, visual perceptual skills, visual-motor coordination, memory, auditory perceptual skills, language processing, social cognition, and adaptive skills.   Assessments are always tailored to answer the specific referral concerns and needs of the child and family.  Information gathered from testing, interviews, rating scales, and reports is integrated into a comprehensive psychoeducational report.  Test results are reported in easily understandable language with an 'overview' of key findings with recommendations, so you know where to prioritize intervention efforts.  I can also coach you on how best to approach your private school, public school district, college, graduate school or testing boards for support and/or accommodations.  

Assessment results can be used to identify a special education category of eligibility and/or medical/DSM V diagnoses including but not limited to: autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, mood disorders, and ADHD.  I am experienced in legal testimony  and am qualified to perform Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs).