Psycho-Educational Testing

This approximately 20 hour assessment process examines all areas of concern including academics, cognition, processing, social-emotional functioning, visual-motor coordination, memory, auditory and language processing, social cognition, and adaptive skills. Assessments are always tailored to the specific referral concerns and needs of the child and family.

Psycho-educational evaluation is a set of testing procedures administered by a licensed educational psychologist, or school psychologist to obtain information about a student's learning, behavior, and mental health. Information gathered from testing, interviews, rating scales, and reports is integrated into a comprehensive psychoeducational report to guide intervention. Tests used may include IQ (WISC V, CAS 2), achievement (WIAT III, FAR, FAM), neuropsychological (NEPSY 2), and social-emotional (BASC 3, ADOS 2, MASC, CDI). When we aren't sure why our children are struggling, our efforts to help can be costly and inefficient. Once there is a clear understanding of why a child is struggling, intervention can be targeted appropriately. Test results are reported in easily understandable language to help both parents and educators understand their learning profile and how best to support student success.